Grow With LONCA

 Grow With LONCA

With the LONCA, your business will constantly grow.

Your business can experience continuous growth with LONCA Business Development Meetings.

Yes, it’s possible with LONCA!

With LONCA, you’ll witness a rapid increase in your customer base. This is because everyone attending the meetings, including yourself, comes as a potential customer looking to fulfill a need for themselves or someone in their network. The philosophy that every member attending a LONCA Business Development Meeting is, in fact, a customer, ensures that each member becomes a supplier and reference for others.

LONCA operates in a dynamic framework where everyone realizes they are both potential customers and potential suppliers. Furthermore, every customer and supplier doubles as an excellent reference. Obtaining references and being recognized through referrals is a trust-based marketing strategy that leading companies never give up on. It’s a way to acquire new customers by establishing trust.

LONCA members first get to know each other and build friendships before expanding their businesses through referrals. Every business owner who joins LONCA becomes a professional marketer as well. Our ancestors wisely said, “A moving fox is better than a sleeping lion.” Our members visit each other and get to know one another better while building friendships.

Additionally, LONCA members compete with each other to contribute to the improvement and growth of their friends’ businesses before their own. This embodies the principle of “Kazandır ki Kazanasın”

Getting to know LONCA members and the LONCA group is the key! The best way to get acquainted with the LONCA organization is to participate in the weekly LONCA Business Development Meetings. This will not only contribute to the growth of your business but also help you build new friendships along the way.